Birthday Baskets

What’s a Birthday Basket?

Several weeks before his or her birthday, your child can come to Pufferbellies and fill a basket with their most wished-for toys and books. When friends and family members come to shop, they can choose gifts right from the baskets.

Why Birthday Baskets?

First of all, children love making them. Parents love them, too — creating a Birthday Basket gives grownups the chance to talk with their children about what toys and books are most appropriate and fun, and even to “edit” the selections if necessary. In other words, when you shop from a Basket, you’ll be giving a gift that both the birthday child AND his or her parents will love. Plus, Birthday Baskets make shopping a breeze — just run in, choose an item or two from the basket, let us gift-wrap it for you (for free, of course), and you’re done! Our Baskets help cut down on duplicate presents, too.

How do online Birthday Baskets work?

If you can’t make it to Pufferbellies to shop in person, you can shop right here from our online Birthday Baskets. Just click on the child’s name to see a list of the items they selected (along with prices). Then, simply call us to place your order using VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. We’ll wrap your gift for free, and the child’s parents can pick it up at a convenient time. (Or we’ll deliver it for free, within a 10-mile radius of the store.) You get all the advantages of Birthday Basket shopping, plus you don’t have to wrap or ship your gift! How simple is that?


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